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Jan 25 2023


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

This talk presents research findings from an intergenerational digital storytelling intervention with educators from different generations and life stages. Inspired by Chazan and Machnab’s (2018) methodology of “the intergenerational feminist mic”, educators from different life stages came together to share their life stories and to discuss how educational spheres (re)produce societal norms, especially with regard to gender. Guided by feminist research premises and participatory approaches, intergenerational exchange was in the center of the intervention and was created by grouping the participants (including the researchers) in groups of three, where each of them came from a different life stage (teacher trainee, educator, retired educator). The design of the intervention aimed at centering narratives and storytelling processes in different settings and thus, also linked the participants’ personal life stories with fictional texts that they brought to the intervention and discussed within their groups of three. The engagement with texts functioned as stimuli for the digital storytelling process, where then each participant eventually functioned once as interviewer, interviewee, and photographer. Finally, the materials were cut into short digital stories, which will be presented and discussed in this talk.

Nicole Haring is a PhD candidate at the Center for Inter-American Studies at the University of Graz, Austria. Her research interests focus on feminist theory and pedagogy, gender studies and cultural gerontology. Currently, she holds a doctorial fellowship from the Austrian Academy of Science to work on her dissertation project on intergenerational storytelling on gender.

Join us at The ACT Lab on October 25th, 11:00AM EST for this exciting discussion!

This event will be delivered in a hybrid format. Attendees can join at the lab located at Concorida – ER 661
2155 Guy Street, Montreal or by Zoom with a link provided upon booking.

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