The Art of Data: A research-creation workshop with multidisciplinary artists Samuel Thulin & Romina Soledad Romay


Mar 27 2024


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm


ER-664, Sir George Williams Campus, Concordia University, 2155 Guy St., H3H 2L9
ER-664, Sir George Williams Campus, Concordia University, 2155 Guy St., H3H 2L9

Entanglements and interconnections between and betwixt humans and their surroundings are at the core of this conversational workshop event where botany and meteorology converse with data retrieving of chronic illness.

With a focus on the intricate process of capturing and translating complex environmental data-from meteorological phenomena to botanical growth patterns- Romina Soledad Romay will offer an in-depth exploration of her approach to music composition, drawing upon her extensive research into the transcoding of data. Elements of music, technology, and natural sciences, presenting a methodology for understanding and interpreting the dynamic forms found in nature through sound, will be displayed.

Samuel Thulin will present samples of his ongoing work in diabetic data art, with a particular emphasis on his recent project Sensing Sugar, an online artwork that allows visitors to experience and contribute to the production of music and visuals based on blood-glucose data. Through his work, he plays on the relationships between embodied sensations and quantitative data, exploring different ways of understanding the data of chronic illness.

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About the presenters:

Romina S. Romay is a composer, conductor, and pianist hailing from Argentina, whose work is engaged in a research-creation process related to new technologies. She frequently addresses themes related to nature, life, and ecology. Initially trained as a pianist, she later completed graduate studies in music composition at the Universidad Nacional de las Artes in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Romina obtained an international master’s degree in composition and performance of contemporary music at the Conservatoire National de Musique et de Danse de Lyon, with residencies in Estonia, Sweden, and Germany, and then completed a Ph.D. in microtonal composition from metadata at the Université Côte d’Azur. She has contributed to the realization of artistic residencies, study days, and research projects related to VR, AR, and MR applications. Currently, she is pursuing a postdoctoral fellowship with the AgeTeQ laboratory of the Research Centre of the Institut Universitaire de gériatrie de Montréal.

Samuel Thulin is an artist, composer, researcher, and educator interested in the specificities of spaces and places, and in the movements and resonances of bodies, data, and sounds. His artworks and publications explore topics such as locative media and contested senses of place; confluences of cartography and auditory culture; self-tracking, chronic illness, and datafication; and creative and emergent research methodologies. Solo and collaborative projects include multichannel sound installations; compositions made from data sonification; interactive geolocated soundscapes and narratives for mobile apps; music made from found-sounds and field recordings; live audio performances; place-based soundtracks for public transit; kinaesthetic and vibrational multisensory installations; and compositions spanning genres from acoustic singer-songwriter to instrumental post-rock to ambient and experimental to electronic dance music. He holds a PhD in Communication Studies from Concordia University.


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