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“Who Am AI?” Book Club

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Marlene Chan
Fenwick McKelvey, Concordia University
Kim Sawchuk, Concordia University
Deborah Marcogliese, Montreal West Public Libary
Eric Craven
Lindsay Rodgers, Concordia University
Mitali Ruths, Concordia University
Andres Salas, Concordia University
Alex Megelas, Concordia University


Applied AI Institute

Research Areas:

Community Driven Data

“Who Am AI?” Book Club is dedicated to exploring the intersection of aging and artificial intelligence (AI). The book club brings together a diverse community of individuals, including activists, researchers, and other community members, all of whom share a curiosity and concern about the profound impact of AI on society. Together, members explore the implications of rapid technological changes and question what it means to grow older in an age of advanced AI.

Every few months, “Who Am AI?” members delve into a work of fiction, spanning different literary genres and perspectives. This initiative is undertaken in partnership with the Applied AI Institute and the Montreal West Public Library.