“Who Am AI?” Book Club

The "Who Am AI?" Book Club is dedicated to exploring the intersection of aging and artificial intelligence (AI).

Data Harms in Canada: Investigating The Significance of Age

This projects seeks to map and record how aging intersects with "data harms".

Adopting/Retiring Assistive Devices in Later Life: An Arts-Based Study of the Aging-Disability Nexus in Peterborough/Nogojiwanong 

The Hidden Heroes Jam: An Intergenerational Game Jam

Mapping Older Adults’ Data Worlds: A Pilot Study  

Popular culture would lead us to believe that older adults simply don’t interact with digital technologies.

How Informed are Those Who Consent?

Recent data acquisition methods have created a massive wave of quantitative epidemiological studies for identifying the biomarkers of either 'neurodegenerative disease' or 'successful aging'...

Cross-National Longitudinal Study Data collection of the 4th Wave in Romania

ACT Cross-National Longitudinal Study is a 6 years project (2017-2021) launched by Aging + Communication + Technologies Lab...

A UX evaluation of sensor-enabled cognitive training games in older adult community settings

Serious games and game-based interventions are increasingly used in older adult research...

Ukrainian Refugees in Romania: Aging, Everyday Life, and Mobile Media Practices in Wartime

On February 24, 2022, the Russian army entered Ukraine under the guise of a “special operation”...

Queer Crip Aging Resistances: Exploring Aging Temporalities Through Cellphilms

As the Baby Boomer population grows older, aging is an increasingly significant field of study in Canada...

Feeling (your) Data in a more-than-human world: Rituals and the sharing of animal images online by older adults

“Feeling (your) Data in a more-than-human world” is an ethnographic and social media analysis of the rituals and sharing of animal images online by older adults.