RECAA Choir: A programme

Navigating turbulence: Community workers, older adults and policy makers on surviving the pandemic  

Older women’s everyday data practices: affective affordances

Older Adults’ Perceptions of ICT-based Surveillance: The AiD Cross-national Study

An online survey conducted in six country investigates older adults’ perception of surveillance when they use the internet.

An algorithmic awareness paradox? Exploring the causes and contradictions of algorithmic awareness

“Who Am AI?” Book Club

The "Who Am AI?" Book Club is dedicated to exploring the intersection of aging and artificial intelligence (AI).

Data Harms in Canada: Investigating The Significance of Age

This projects seeks to map and record how aging intersects with "data harms".

Adopting/Retiring Assistive Devices in Later Life: An Arts-Based Study of the Aging-Disability Nexus in Peterborough/Nogojiwanong 

The Hidden Heroes Jam: An Intergenerational Game Jam

Mapping Older Adults’ Data Worlds: A Pilot Study  

Popular culture would lead us to believe that older adults simply don’t interact with digital technologies.

How Informed are Those Who Consent?

Recent data acquisition methods have created a massive wave of quantitative epidemiological studies for identifying the biomarkers of either 'neurodegenerative disease' or 'successful aging'...

Cross-National Longitudinal Study Data collection of the 4th Wave in Romania

ACT Cross-National Longitudinal Study is a 6 years project (2017-2021) launched by Aging + Communication + Technologies Lab...

A UX evaluation of sensor-enabled cognitive training games in older adult community settings

Serious games and game-based interventions are increasingly used in older adult research...